Glen Davies – local author

3pm to 4pm
VIP Marquee

Glen talks about Writing, Inspiration & the First World War. Glen’s new novel, Avenging Angels, is about a Suffragist in the First World War.

Tickets: £2

Avenging Angels

Even before the outbreak of war, 1914 has been a terrible year for Sylvia Shaw. Now, as the family she was counting on to help her heal is scattered and lost, she can only rely on herself.

It’s rapidly becoming obvious that the war won’t be ‘all over by Christmas’. As a passionate Suffragist, campaigning for Votes for Women, Sylvia has always been opposed to Asquith’s government, but she is still determined to ‘do her bit’ for her country.

All over Britain women are emerging from domestic seclusion to work in munitions, in hospitals, in offices and on the railways, driving ambulances…doing whatever they can to fill the gaps left by men enlisting to fight in France.

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